a body is a host is a webshop

my body: doesn’t exist in zeros and ones;

my body: is not my body;

my feeling about my body: is belonging to


we are: creating algorithms;

algorithms: to which we can’t stand up to;

our bodies: are extensions of zeros and ones;

my body: is composed of zeros and ones with


our reality is the manifestation

of the digital consumerist realm;

our bodies: are accessories to zeros and ones;

we are constantly experiencing strange feelings towards our

own bodies: shame, rejection, need for improvement or even

very strong negative emotions like hate or disgust. this affects

our perception as well as our behaviour: our lives resemble an

around-the-clock attempt to cover some things up whereas

uncovering others.

is: a host

touch me: feel my skin trembling

touch me: feel my screen enlighten

touch me: feel nothing more than the sleekness of glas

ontouchstart: search my inner archives for


at the same time we are completely numb when it comes to

respecting the bodies of others—humans, animals and plants

alike—treating them like resources: inanimate capital waiting

to be transformed, translated into zeros and ones, bent until

fitting certain numbers.


a need = zeros and ones


an addiction = zeros and ones


zeros and ones = world order


a body = a host = a webshop

is: a webshop


a need = zeros and ones

gathering more and more: of themselves

zeros and ones: determine destiny


a touch = a tap on one side, a bargain on the other

zeros and ones: are feeding on all kinds of fear zeros and ones: are extended humans

zeros and ones: disconnect us from ourselves zeros and ones: are having and giving life

zeros and ones: are the better bodies

our bodies and our minds feel naked when not connected,

when not attached to a certain kind of device. we are

persistently seeking the attention of zeros and ones and their

results, holding on to them, gripping them while being gripped

by them. our movements—physical and mental motions

towards ourselves and others—are controlled by algorithms.

interacting with them has become our most prioritised, yet

unrecognised, task which seems to gradually develop

resemblance to breathing but with a slightly opposite effect:

consuming our time, our lives and eventually our bodies.