Revealing Reflections

In art one can identify the issue of corruption as a matter of disconnection and non-representation.

Avant-garde’s opponent is not waiting on the other side of the battlefield. It resides within the own troop.

We are too busy with ourselves.

Something with aesthetic qualities means something that hast the power to seduce.

This is no time for uninformed moralistic incompetence.

Towards a New Political Paradigm in Times of Social Amnesia

Schiffbruch mit Drohne

Politics means breaking with consistency; it means breaking with what is known and already visible.

Freedom that we are in desperate need of.

Against Nature

Deliberate Destruction

Reguetón Theory

The Edited Body for a Particular Purpose

From Uncanny Valley with Love

Individuals, unlike market bonds or particles, are tied by values, expectations, beliefs, cosmologies and references that define their identity.

The Taste of Participation

Raping the Reader: Politics as Disturbance

The perfect dictatorship begins when the regime turns people spying on themselves, vigilant, infamous. Anytime, anywhere, the other is not a we.

Clear Aesthetics: The Myth of Minimalism


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