Under post-Fordist conditions, the capitalisation of the immaterial work has managed to be integrated into artistic labour.

Androids, cyborgs, and avatars are new territories beyond the body’s biological condition. However, these territories ought to be also a discursive extension, where new identities, categories, and values can coexist.

Die Währung des Wortes

Situated Speculations

Peter Sloterdijk thinking of Theodor W. Adorno’s birthday

Instead of accepting speculative endeavours as reflections of the present in the future, enabling diffractive viewpoints within the world can help us engage into a deeper analysis of how speculations can actually come to be.

Die Welt zu Gast im Teutoburger Wald


Stimme und Verfremdung am Theater

Repetition is not different to the pathos of a “creative destruction”.

In Walter Benjamin’s understanding, the use of allegory is
typical of Baroque Art: Man acknowledges his guilty passion for this world in the moment of its decay.

It is necessary to promote and ensure the democratic “distribution of the sensible”.


(De)generative Art: Rules-transgressing Algorithms

Governmental Precarization

Langsamkeit ist eine zeitgenössische Strategie die (all)gegenwärtige Geschwindingkeit zu reflektieren.

Stratigraphische Bilder. Neue Ästhetiken der Montage?

Le Désir attrapé par la queue

The current crisis of democracy is the conjunction of a state of affairs that cannot and doesn’t want to change.

To Much Future/To Much Time


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