Instead of accepting speculative endeavours as reflections of the present in the future, enabling diffractive viewpoints within the world can help us engage into a deeper analysis of how speculations can actually come to be.


Haven’t We Always Been Precarious?

To Much Future/To Much Time

The current crisis of democracy is the conjunction of a state of affairs that cannot and doesn’t want to change.

The fetish for glow, the iridescence, and shimmer growing over our bodies like a skin made of light, cannot be detached by references to enhancement, the almost untouchable, the undying dream of artificial.

Stimme und Verfremdung am Theater

Langsamkeit ist eine zeitgenössische Strategie die (all)gegenwärtige Geschwindingkeit zu reflektieren.

Aesthetics: And Smooth and Striated Space, 572-82.

Distanzierung, ihr Ergebnis, legt nicht nur den objektiven Charakter des Kunstwerks frei.

The Hegemony of the Vision Machine

Problematizing Rubens’ Winter

One of the tasks of art criticism is 
to make evident the discursive qualities of artistic creation.

Autonomy and Negation in Theodor W. Adorno

Stratigraphische Bilder. Neue Ästhetiken der Montage?

The cybernetic dream of Norbert Wiener is nearly coming true.

The smooth space is a space without fixed perspective.

Towards a New Art Criticism From Latin America

Le Désir attrapé par la queue

Die Stimme dient also nicht nur der Sprachvermittlung, sondern auch als Zeichen des anwesenden Körpers.


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