How can we break the ahistoric informatic screens in the laboratories and camps of this world that take away the eyes and parts of the bodies today as we‘re governed by opaque oceans of data?

(De)generative Art: Rules-transgressing Algorithms

Instead of accepting speculative endeavours as reflections of the present in the future, enabling diffractive viewpoints within the world can help us engage into a deeper analysis of how speculations can actually come to be.

Stimme und Verfremdung am Theater

The smooth space is a space without fixed perspective.

Governmental Precarization

Precarious body/images

To Much Future/To Much Time

Aesthetics: And Smooth and Striated Space, 572-82.

Le Désir attrapé par la queue

Contemporary Aesthetic Experience

Peter Sloterdijk thinking of Theodor W. Adorno’s birthday

Towards a New Art Criticism From Latin America

Androids, cyborgs, and avatars are new territories beyond the body’s biological condition. However, these territories ought to be also a discursive extension, where new identities, categories, and values can coexist.

Die Stimme dient also nicht nur der Sprachvermittlung, sondern auch als Zeichen des anwesenden Körpers.

Problematizing Rubens’ Winter


Autonomy and Negation in Theodor W. Adorno

Die Währung des Wortes

The Hegemony of the Vision Machine


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