House Taken Over

The self is full of love relationships, which seem to be things.

Cultural Workers Unite!

Wir sind nicht primär aus Angst, Sorge und Tod gemacht.

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On Jerry Saltz


Anti-Fascist Ballet School

While it is true that it is difficult to think that artistic forms can abolish borders and orders, it is also true that art serves to question, to confront, and to displace them.

Das Gebäude in der Mitte der Stadt


We propose to create a voluntary Artist Solidarity Fund (ASF) in order to economically secure the cultural field and serve as a utopian model for new progressive forms of solidary politics.

011 TIME

Experience is not solely intellectual; I have to join throughout my body and make myself available with all my senses.

If life were completely rational


An artwork is the place of the non-identical, impossible to be dominated and subsumed.

Curatorial practices co-exist within an abstract system dictated by an algorithm.


Ein Gebäude in der Mitte der Stadt ist anders als alle anderen.


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