Power is when a 25kW+ techno bass-line crosses the dance-floor to end up as a feeling in your legs that cannot help but move.


Of the countless false certainties that roam the world, art does not subscribe any.


Enzyklopädie der Spezies

Books are portraits of their time; they are like mirrors, reflecting how we see and perceive ourselves.

Tracing the limits of criticism is not only a question of truth but also a matter of decision.

Reliance Principles

But that’s art too, isn’t it? A relief, a shelter, a justification of everything we stand for.


Experience is not solely intellectual; I have to join throughout my body and make myself available with all my senses.

Learning From Athens: Gestures of Multi Touch

It is the function of the bodies to adapt to and remodel the failing architecture.

It is evident that art is not going to redeem us—and it is not its function to do so.

Nun gilt: Ein gerader Raum, der sich nicht krümmt ist unsere Realität.

At the end of the discussion, there will be certificates for all participants, signed by me.


Das Gebäude in der Mitte der Stadt

No, we are all part of it, let’s face it, let’s work our way through it.



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