We use somatic exercises and partner work to find this feeling from the inside out, rather than applying an external shape on our bodies.



Reality, understood as the present, is always anachronistic.

Prozessualisierung der Kunst

Art, like life, needs to be restated constantly and protected daily.

Enzyklopädie der Spezies

Curatorial practices co-exist within an abstract system dictated by an algorithm.

We have accepted, might even support, and surely do facilitate day-by-day authoritarian social structures.


Time also flows, as in the verse of the Spanish poet Miguel de Unamuno: from the eternal tomorrow.

It is necessary to actively assume a position to eradicate the superficiality and loss of ideals.

On Jerry Saltz

Learning From Athens: Gestures of Multi Touch


While it is true that it is difficult to think that artistic forms can abolish borders and orders, it is also true that art serves to question, to confront, and to displace them.

Power is when a 25kW+ techno bass-line crosses the dance-floor to end up as a feeling in your legs that cannot help but move.

Experience is not solely intellectual; I have to join throughout my body and make myself available with all my senses.

Tracing the limits of criticism is not only a question of truth but also a matter of decision.

Art exceeds the population of objects, acts, bodies, and events of reality, since it is composed by no more than the combination of parts of the real, and the possibilities of permutation border on the infinite.


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