House Taken Over

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Anti-Fascist Ballet School


The self is full of love relationships, which seem to be things.

Once the fiction is created, it is convenient to test it in time and space; that is the task of an artist.

The avant-garde also proved that it is as well about failing.

Gab es hier ein Tabu?

Ein Gebäude in der Mitte der Stadt ist anders als alle anderen.



While it is true that it is difficult to think that artistic forms can abolish borders and orders, it is also true that art serves to question, to confront, and to displace them.

Das Gebäude in der Mitte der Stadt

Enzyklopädie der Spezies

Art exceeds the population of objects, acts, bodies, and events of reality, since it is composed by no more than the combination of parts of the real, and the possibilities of permutation border on the infinite.

It is the function of the bodies to adapt to and remodel the failing architecture.

Wir sind nicht primär aus Angst, Sorge und Tod gemacht.

Time also flows, as in the verse of the Spanish poet Miguel de Unamuno: from the eternal tomorrow.


We have accepted, might even support, and surely do facilitate day-by-day authoritarian social structures.


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