discussion/exam/document (text)

I attended a Discussion at the Jan Mot Gallery in Brussels on 9th May 2015.
I attended a Discussion about ‘the Pure Awareness of the Absolute’.
For the Discussion the participants were placed in a circle.
There were about 30 people present.
Among the participants were at least one gallerist, one art dealer, one former economics student, one yoga teacher and two artists.
I attended a Discussion with participants from Belgium, the UK, Poland, Portugal and Germany. The Discussion was about the definition of the absolute regarding art and natural phenomenons.
The discussion round was planned in such a way that, theoretically, everybody could get a chance to speak. I attended a Discussion with many questions and few answers.
The Discussion lasted just over an hour.
The participants applauded at the end.
It was strictly forbidden to record the Discussion or to take pictures of it.
The only evidence was a certificate with the words ‘There was a Discussion at the Jan Mot Gallery, Brussels, 9th of May 2015.’.
The certificate, signed by the artist, is worth 10.000$. I attended a Discussion and created a certificate myself.
The artist refused to sign the certificate and the gallerist regretted his signature afterwards.

Now I am going to participate in a discussion that
is, simultaneously, the exam and presentation of my graduation work for the Master in Critical Studies. Many of the participants of the discussion round are fellow students.
I am going to participate in a discussion that will be assessed by three examiners as representatives of the institution that we are in.
If the discussion is assessed as passed, it will be sealed with the signatures of the examiners.
At the end of the discussion, there will be certificates for all participants, signed by me.
I am going to participate in a discussion in which there will be questions asked about this work.
The discussion starts now.

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