Wieder einmal ist der Schiffbruch zur zentralen Metapher für einen politischen Umbruch und gleichzeitig zur grausamen Realität geworden.

Is the result of biogenetics not that we, “ordinary” humans, effectively are that—humans who don’t know they are not humans, i.e., neuronal machines with self-awareness?

Karl Marx Muses Over the Kardashians & Instafame

An Algorithmic Odyssey

Below the Asphalt Lies the Beach

Zur Ästhetik des Normalen in der Mode

Entkunstung als Formel kritischer Kunst

Through artistic performativity, daily routine has become the theatre of all of us, the manifestation of the creative expression of everyone.

Images are the new opium of the people, and it is worth to say that artists are neither the only nor the most important dealers.

One last thing about Kim Kardashian’s instafame: are you surprised that she gets hundreds of thousands of dollars for one sponsored post she uploads? KM: The increase in value of the world of things is directly proportional to the decrease in value of the human world.

Creative and Perceptive- Cognitive Behavior and Theatricality

The perfect dictatorship begins when the regime turns people spying on themselves, vigilant, infamous. Anytime, anywhere, the other is not a we.

It is not the artwork at the hub of the artistic dynamics but the process.

In art one can identify the issue of corruption as a matter of disconnection and non-representation.

Art After The End Of Art

This is no time for uninformed moralistic incompetence.

Against Nature

Art and aesthetics are a kind of problematic equation, perhaps a forgotten or even interrupted relationship that has to be reconsidered over and over again.

Aber können wir es uns als Gesellschaft leisten, auf die Utopie zu verzichten?

There is a fine line between destruction as creative or nihilistic act—and it all comes down to the ideas behind it.


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