What's Left is Here and Now

The Power of Absence

Liminal Fetish and Diffuse Image at 1350°

All Fires the Fire

Individuals, unlike market bonds or particles, are tied by values, expectations, beliefs, cosmologies and references that define their identity.

The Taste of Participation

Censorship limits seeing, thus, it limits knowledge.

Schiffbruch mit Drohne

It is not the artwork at the hub of the artistic dynamics but the process.

Freedom requires creating institutions and practices; it involves shaping new and durable worlds. And this is a task that every generation must bear anew.

Revealing Reflections

We are too busy with ourselves.

Where else would one feel ecstasies and raptures if not in and with one’s own body?

Weaving the Multi-Layered Web of (Digital) Power

From Uncanny Valley with Love


Is the result of biogenetics not that we, “ordinary” humans, effectively are that—humans who don’t know they are not humans, i.e., neuronal machines with self-awareness?

Entkunstung durch den Plattform- kapitalismus?

Entkunstung als Formel kritischer Kunst

Images are the new opium of the people, and it is worth to say that artists are neither the only nor the most important dealers.


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