Perseverance in the Absurdity (film stills)
James Joyce

Precarious body/images

Problematizing Rubens’ Winter

Rituals of Resistance #1
Kay Walkowiak
Rituals of Resistance #7
Kay Walkowiak
Sans-titre (Limite 2)
Mathias Euwer
Statue of Liberty
Elmgreen & Dragset
The Capital Standard
Fabio Lattanzi Antinori

We propose to create a voluntary Artist Solidarity Fund (ASF) in order to economically secure the cultural field and serve as a utopian model for new progressive forms of solidary politics.

The precarious and the immune are no longer only in a relation of opposites in post-Fordist societies, but rather more and more also in a relation of overlapping, tending, in fact, to become indistinguishable.

Under post-Fordist conditions, the capitalisation of the immaterial work has managed to be integrated into artistic labour.

It is necessary to promote and ensure the democratic “distribution of the sensible”.

How can we break the ahistoric informatic screens in the laboratories and camps of this world that take away the eyes and parts of the bodies today as we‘re governed by opaque oceans of data?

In Walter Benjamin’s understanding, the use of allegory is
typical of Baroque Art: Man acknowledges his guilty passion for this world in the moment of its decay.


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