The Darkest Flower (film still)
Herwig Scherabon & Pille-Riin-Jaik

Nicht nur kommt die Idealisierung des Prozesses der naiven Neugierde des Kunstliebhabers entgegen und ermutigt den Dilettanten in seinem selbstherrlichen Unvermögen.

Unintended Portrait (series)
Alina Frieske

As far as we can see for now, we are always ending up with the form of a “sphere”: we can see atoms..., we know there is more..., we even assume vibrating strings, but what we actually see is spheres. We are living on one—and I like this...

Vulnerable Lingua
Camilla Steinum
Arctic Ocean (Northwest off the coast of Ellesmere Island, CAN) 83° 19’ 44.976"N, 79° 18’ 22.957"W, July 17th, 2017
Zaria Forman


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