The Avant-garde and the Novel

The Taste of Participation

What's Left is Here and Now

Avant-garde’s opponent is not waiting on the other side of the battlefield. It resides within the own troop.

Through artistic performativity, daily routine has become the theatre of all of us, the manifestation of the creative expression of everyone.

Contemporary art’s vast roster includes Alicja Kwade who is doing good in becoming a part of today’s avant-garde pretending Bürger was wrong.

Below the Asphalt Lies the Beach

Deliberate Destruction

Freedom requires creating institutions and practices; it involves shaping new and durable worlds. And this is a task that every generation must bear anew.

There is a fine line between destruction as creative or nihilistic act—and it all comes down to the ideas behind it.

Desire cannot be satisfied because it is defined in lack, but it can be recreated in fantasy.

All Fires the Fire

Liminal Fetish and Diffuse Image at 1350°

Revealing Reflections

Images are the new opium of the people, and it is worth to say that artists are neither the only nor the most important dealers.

We are too busy with ourselves.

Exterminating Angel

Karl Marx Muses Over the Kardashians & Instafame

The perfect dictatorship begins when the regime turns people spying on themselves, vigilant, infamous. Anytime, anywhere, the other is not a we.

One last thing about Kim Kardashian’s instafame: are you surprised that she gets hundreds of thousands of dollars for one sponsored post she uploads? KM: The increase in value of the world of things is directly proportional to the decrease in value of the human world.


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