What Is Left Is Here and Now

We have accepted, might even support, and surely do facilitate day-by-day authoritarian social structures.

The avant-garde also proved that it is as well about failing.

It is evident that art is not going to redeem us—and it is not its function to do so.


Cultural Workers Unite!

We propose to create a voluntary Artist Solidarity Fund (ASF) in order to economically secure the cultural field and serve as a utopian model for new progressive forms of solidary politics.

While it is true that it is difficult to think that artistic forms can abolish borders and orders, it is also true that art serves to question, to confront, and to displace them.


The self is full of love relationships, which seem to be things.



Curatorial practices co-exist within an abstract system dictated by an algorithm.

Art, like life, needs to be restated constantly and protected daily.


On Jerry Saltz

Tracing the limits of criticism is not only a question of truth but also a matter of decision.

The quest of an artist is to release dialectics between the practice and its time.

011 TIME


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