To be against this manifesto is to be an artist.


Michael Sailstorfer

Through artistic performativity, daily routine has become the theatre of all of us, the manifestation of the creative expression of everyone.

The power of a cultural production resides not in its ability to immediately modify the present, but in its capacity to influence the future.

Como se escribe una novela

Le Désir attrapé par la queue

El novelista “pur sang” aborrece cordialmente el método (aunque lo acepte), los planes y todo aquello que signifique sujeción a una determinada conducta.

The avant-garde also proved that it is as well about failing.

Contemporary art’s vast roster includes Alicja Kwade who is doing good in becoming a part of today’s avant-garde pretending Bürger was wrong.

Cola HD-Video-Loop (film stills)
Hanna Schwarz

What Is Left Is Here and Now

Das Manifest

The Taste of Participation

We have accepted, might even support, and surely do facilitate day-by-day authoritarian social structures.

Zeit ist keine Autobahn
Michael Sailstorfer


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