It is necessary to actively assume a position to eradicate the superficiality and loss of ideals.

It is the function of the bodies to adapt to and remodel the failing architecture.

Learning From Athens: Gestures of Multi Touch

Nicht nur kommt die Idealisierung des Prozesses der naiven Neugierde des Kunstliebhabers entgegen und ermutigt den Dilettanten in seinem selbstherrlichen Unvermögen.

No, we are all part of it, let’s face it, let’s work our way through it.

Nun gilt: Ein gerader Raum, der sich nicht krümmt ist unsere Realität.

Of the countless false certainties that roam the world, art does not subscribe any.

Once the fiction is created, it is convenient to test it in time and space; that is the task of an artist.

On Jerry Saltz

Philosophies and theories come, as always, post festum.

Power is when a 25kW+ techno bass-line crosses the dance-floor to end up as a feeling in your legs that cannot help but move.

Prozessualisierung der Kunst

Reality, understood as the present, is always anachronistic.

Reliance Principles

The avant-garde also proved that it is as well about failing.

The Devil’s Drool

The quest of an artist is to release dialectics between the practice and its time.

There is an *unsatisfied* reason in the experience of art.

The self is full of love relationships, which seem to be things.

Time also flows, as in the verse of the Spanish poet Miguel de Unamuno: from the eternal tomorrow.


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