In art one can identify the issue of corruption as a matter of disconnection and non-representation.

An Algorithmic Odyssey

Art After The End Of Art

Entkunstung als Formel kritischer Kunst

Entkunstung durch den Plattform- kapitalismus?

Material Matters: On Transparency in Art and Politics

Art and aesthetics are a kind of problematic equation, perhaps a forgotten or even interrupted relationship that has to be reconsidered over and over again.

Aber können wir es uns als Gesellschaft leisten, auf die Utopie zu verzichten?

Der fortschrittliche Zeitpfeil biegt sich zu Kreisen und
so kehrt auch die These der Peak Art wieder.

Total transparency is only possible through total control—the latter only exists in a dictatorship.

Clear Aesthetics: The Myth of Minimalism

Creative and Perceptive- Cognitive Behavior and Theatricality

Zur Ästhetik des Normalen in der Mode

Freedom that we are in desperate need of.

It is not the artwork at the hub of the artistic dynamics but the process.

Was heute „Normcore“ heißt, ist eine Neuauflage dessen, was in den neunziger Jahren als „Anti-Fashion“ bezeichnet wurde.

Raping the Reader: Politics as Disturbance

Reguetón Theory

Towards a New Political Paradigm in Times of Social Amnesia

Politics means breaking with consistency; it means breaking with what is known and already visible.


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