Max Salzborn

souvenir (words)

David Schiesser
Tender Tender
Michael Dean

Towards a New Art Criticism From Latin America

Art and aesthetics are a kind of problematic equation, perhaps a forgotten or even interrupted relationship that has to be reconsidered over and over again.

Books are portraits of their time; they are like mirrors, reflecting how we see and perceive ourselves.

We hope you can see this book as we do: as an extension of memory; interpretations of our time that aspire to reinvent the world anew, “as a whole to be imagined”.

If life were completely rational

Aber können wir es uns als Gesellschaft leisten, auf die Utopie zu verzichten?

Der fortschrittliche Zeitpfeil biegt sich zu Kreisen und
so kehrt auch die These der Peak Art wieder.

It is necessary to actively assume a position to eradicate the superficiality and loss of ideals.

Art exceeds the population of objects, acts, bodies, and events of reality, since it is composed by no more than the combination of parts of the real, and the possibilities of permutation border on the infinite.

It is universal capacity Primordial creativity.

Total transparency is only possible through total control—the latter only exists in a dictatorship.

But that’s art too, isn’t it? A relief, a shelter, a justification of everything we stand for.

Words to be looked at

One of the tasks of art criticism is 
to make evident the discursive qualities of artistic creation.


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