Wie prägen die technischen Interfaces unseren Blick?


Under post-Fordist conditions, the capitalisation of the immaterial work has managed to be integrated into artistic labour.

Towards a New Art Criticism From Latin America

To Much Future/To Much Time

The smooth space is a space without fixed perspective.

The precarious and the immune are no longer only in a relation of opposites in post-Fordist societies, but rather more and more also in a relation of overlapping, tending, in fact, to become indistinguishable.

The power of a cultural production resides not in its ability to immediately modify the present, but in its capacity to influence the future.

The Hegemony of the Vision Machine

The fetish for glow, the iridescence, and shimmer growing over our bodies like a skin made of light, cannot be detached by references to enhancement, the almost untouchable, the undying dream of artificial.

The cybernetic dream of Norbert Wiener is nearly coming true.

The current crisis of democracy is the conjunction of a state of affairs that cannot and doesn’t want to change.

Stratigraphische Bilder. Neue Ästhetiken der Montage?

Stimme und Verfremdung am Theater

Situated Speculations

Shimmery Skin Entangled It Grows

Repetition is not different to the pathos of a “creative destruction”.

Problematizing Rubens’ Winter

Precarious body/images

Peter Sloterdijk thinking of Theodor W. Adorno’s birthday


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